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What Asian women need to know especially when seeking a western partner?

– Following tips apply when you date anyone in general, however more so when you date a partner who comes from a different cultural upbringing

Identify your goal –

Are you looking for a serious relationship for life or just having some experience with men from a different race?

At our service we would like to deal with people who are seeking a life partner. If that is your goal, we can help you.

Join a dating agency is to increase your opportunity of meeting a right partner. A professional matchmaker is able to assist you to understand cultural differences between your culture and his culture, therefore to find out whether a man is genuinely interested in sharing life with you. You can avoid wasting time.

Some basic tips you can take home with:

Go for a coffee for the first meeting. The conversation should be friendly and light hearted. Don’t ask personal questions such as money, income, assets, properties. Some Chinese women may feel these are essential criterion to check out with a potential partner. However, while some Chinese men may accept that, most Australian educated Asian men will not. And majority western men will definitely be put off.

Never ask about their past relationships. It can be very off putting to an intelligent balanced man. His past is not your business. Talk about you and him.

Make friends with each other. A healthy and lasting relationship must be based on a good friendship. Become best friends before you become lovers. Never rush into a sexual relationship before you know each other well enough mentally, emotionally. Many dating books advise that you must wait till at the least 8 dates. This is even more important if you are very strongly attracted to him at your first meeting. Learn to say NO when you feel like that. No hasty decisions to get married, even if you are in your 30s and feel the clock is ticking. It’s better to live a happy single life than being in a miserable marriage.

Remember: Things come quickly, go quickly. Divorce is very damaging and it affects you in life. If you marry someone whom you didn’t know well, you may regret deeply in the future.

Stick to the traditional belief “ Marriage is forever ”. Getting to know him, build your relationship slowly but surely. This will enable your marriage in the future is healthy and can survive ups and downs.

Does he respect you as a person? Does he like you as a person or does he like you because you are Asian? If he likes you because you are Asian, is he interested in knowing your culture or shows respect to it?

If he doesn’t address you by your name, but simply use terms such as ” my beautiful little girl “; ” my little beauty “, especially at early stage of your dating, you need to take it slow if you want have a term relationship with him.

Does he make decisions with consideration of your opinion?

Does he introduce you to his friends circle and family? Does he show respect towards you in front of his friends and family?

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Check list for Men before the first meeting-

The first impression is extremely important for both men and women. While you do not have to change who you are or pretend to be somebody else, it is advisable to observe a minimum standard of appearance. The following are suggestions only, but it is difficult to imagine that lower standards of grooming would be appealing to many women.

1. What do your clothes say about you?
Your clothes should be appropriate for your body type, age and your (eye and skin) colouring, as well as comfortable, clean and of good quality. They show your attention to detail and your good taste, as well as your ability to keep up with the times. A bit of colour or pattern can be refreshing, and the fabric should be appropriate for the season. If you wish to attract a woman much younger than you, you should take fashion into consideration even more. Avoid shapeless, cheap, outdated and drab clothing. If you have pale colouring, steer clear of white, cream and light grey clothes.

Also pay attention to your shoes – bouncers often decide whether to let people into establishments based entirely on the quality and style of their footwear, and women NOTICE shoes.

If in doubt, shops like Country Road can provide good basics. Not that you must buy from them but as a guide to your taste. Your favourite shirt can wait for a later meeting.

2. What about your hair?
Your choice of hairstyle is a personal one, but bear in mind that it is often the basis of the first impression for both men and women. Short and clean is always safest, but if you are more adventurous, ensure that it is well kempt. Comb-overs are not recommended. If you have not been to a barber in the last month, now might be a good time to go!

3. And facial hair? Especially nose and ears!
Again, this is a personal choice. However, nothing is more susceptible to fashion than facial hair. Sideburns and moustaches can be very stylish when neatly trimmed, but disconcerting when too long or bushy. Ear and nose hair should NEVER be able to be seen and any stray eyebrow hairs should be trimmed. A small amount of Vaseline can keep your eyebrows groomed if necessary, and nobody will ever know. By the way, most Asian women tend to prefer men without facial hair.

4. What about teeth?

The importance of clean teeth cannot be underestimated. Nothing is a greater turnoff than bad breath, grey or missing teeth or leftover food between the teeth. You should ensure that you have been to the dentist in the last 6 months, as well as flossing regularly. While this may sound obvious, it is the single most neglected factor by many men, and women repeatedly complain about it.

5. Do you look well?
This not only includes your weight and general fitness, but standing up straight and carrying yourself well. If you are carrying a bit of extra weight, try to buy clothes that are tailored and do not pull open at buttons. You should also wear darker colours. Keeping in shape will also make you look healthier and more relaxed.

6. Do you have enough money on you?
The most confusing aspect of modern dating is “who pays?”. Wherever you stand on this subject, you should ensure that you have enough money to cover the costs of the date. If you are meeting for a drink, you should have at least $50 on you and be prepared to spend it! Offer to pay the bill even if your date tries to contribute. A sign of gentleman to start with – most women these days still appreciate men who behave in the old fashioned way at their first date.

7. What about your hands?
Many women notice a man’s hands relatively quickly. They should be clean and any ragged nails should be cut and filed. If you have any thickened, rough or overgrown skin or cuticles, these can be removed easily and cheaply with a manicure. If you have never had one before, you might like to try a basic manicure once a year and then maintain your hands yourself. Ink, nicotine, grease and other stains do not look good dipping into the peanut bowl!

8. Things which will turn off women whom you try to meet
Topics on sex; comments on her body; questions about her past relationships;
Keep talking about yourself; money property, etc. It’s safe to just be sweet and short asking her about her life in general, her job, hobbies. And it’s for the purpose of getting conversation going, not for interrogating her. So be light hearted. If you are not confident in winning women by conversation, then stay on the safe side by talking less. Keep in mind, when you talk more, you have more chance to reveal your weakness; when you are less talkative, people will likely leave doors open to getting to know you. This applies to your initial phone call before meeting and at your initial meeting.

9. A phone call is better than a text message
A phone call is more personal and shows you are more sincere and ready to meet her. When your call is not answered, you can send a text telling her who you are and when next time she can take a call. A decent woman likely will call you back. If in case you do not hear from her, don’t hesitate to call again. There is nothing to lose if you make more effort, but you lose time if you are waiting for her to call you back or you show her that you are not confident enough to try again.
10. Avoid getting involved with each other’s social media environment before meeting each other in person
You can do this after your initial meeting when you have agreed to meet each other again. Because no matter how much you know about a person prior to meeting them, you are still a stranger. Without interactions between two persons, your information about someone is a third person’s view which won’t count when it comes to developing a relationship. You could be strongly attracted to her from her social profile and eager to meet, then things can turn out to be a disaster because you don’t click! Or you could be turned off by what you see. Either way, you could run into problems.

If you do not end up meeting each other, your personal information will be left in a stranger’s world. Do you see any point of doing this? And as general advice, online social networks keep your posts for life which means your future partners will potentially see your dating history. Think carefully about what you publish or post.

Of course, you probably knew a lot of this already. Or you might have just remembered that it has been while since you visited the barber, dentist or shoe store. If you meet all these basics, your date will not be distracted by housekeeping issues and will be able to truly enjoy your company and personality. All the best!